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Hello everyone! This blog has been moved to http://marcroger.com Thank you for your kind consideration. :)

Lay low on Blogging

Well, I have decided yesterday to buy my own domain and transfer to a reliable web hosting so that I can maximize my opportunities and potentials on my blog. So I'm laying low on posts now. I'll just announce it later when its already operational. I know I'll go back to zero about traffic, But I know also that I can do it, with all the friends I've made here on blogging for just few days, I think It wouldn't be a problem if we (bloggers) work together.

Anyway, all of my posts here will be imported to my future web host. Wordpress has an import capability from blogging sites, so it'll be cool :) See yah! ;)

The Best: TV, Tech, Holiday, Sports Event

I think Apple can make the brightest future with their technology. Never owned/used any Apple products before (if Apple will give me one for review, I'll be glad to do it) but the way I see Apple's technology, It's awesome. Apple's iPhone rocks the mobile world with their touch screen, music, videos and even internet capabilities. A must have for gadget techies out there. Apple has the technology that can make your life easier with their Desktops and Laptops. Apple for me is Awesome.

Those TV shows I've watched and mentioned above are great, I've only watched 3 of those listed above because those was the only ones had my attention. Bionic Woman is cool but there's something lacking with that TV show, I don't know exactly what, but it lacks something that interests me. CSI is cooler, with all their story twists, you would be addicted to it. Lastly, my favorite, Heroes. Since child, I've always been fascinated with Super powers. This one got my attention and interest, "Ordinary people with extra-ordinary powers" cool huh? For me, a must watch show.

I am a soccer fan, but can't watch it because of the TV Networks here in the Philippines doesn't show any soccer sports but I've been a fan of it since child. I played soccer on my elementary days. I even asked my grandmother to buy me a pair of shoes for soccer, she bought me a pair of Puma soccer shoes.

Christmas is the best season for me, It is the day that we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ and the time to get together with your family and bond. Christmas isn't all about Gifts, but the Love you give to the people around you. "Give Love on Christmas day" As what the song say.

Exercise for a healthier you!

We all know that exercising is the way to make oneself healthy. "Hey, I look healthy, I don't need to exercise." It doesn't mean you look healthy, you wont need exercise anymore. Believe me, you'll need that when you turn 50+. I've always want to go to a gym and go weight lifting or jogging on a treadmill or anything in a gym that would make myself sweat and make me loose weight, but there's some things that bothers me. Take a look on my answers above.

Going to a gym is a good thing to do for exercise, but things like someone watching you, the fees, you go alone to a gym etc.. stops me from going to a gym for exercise. Yeah, I know going to a gym isn't the only way for me to go exercising, swimming and walking around the block are good exercise too, but for me those things doesn't motivate me to loose weight. I've tried like two weeks going to a gym and go weight lifting, but its tiring. Yeah laziness is one thing that keeps oneself from exercise too. I hope someday I'll be motivated enough to go to a gym, and I want to do it with my girlfriend that has the same situation like mine, so we both can loose weight at the same time exercise. I can't go to a gym alone, makes me conscious.

How about you? How do you exercise? or do you even exercise? :) Share some of it.. Thanks.

Yahoo Messenger Scandal: A must read.

I've got this Scandal story on Friendster Bulletins, and it just scares me. I've translated this to english so that you could understand it. here it is..

Anne was chatting on her Yahoo Messenger when someone named Marco Mist added her.

She accepted the invitation.

Ann cute: Who's this?
Marco Mist: You don't know me?
Ann cute: No, I don't.
Ann cute: Who's this?
Marco Mist: Aww, Come'on
Ann cute: I'll ask you again who's this?!
Marco Mist: ann
Marco Mist: don't
Marco Mist: just
Marco Mist: pretend
Marco Mist: that you don't know me
Ann cute: Don't be so stubborn.
Marco Mist: It's me Marco.
Ann cute: Marco who?
Marco Mist: Ah, so already forgotten me?
Ann cute: Who are you really?
Marco Mist: marco.
Marco Mist: Marco I. Melionza
Ann cute: Marco?!
Marco Mist: at last
Ann cute: OMG!
Ann cute: Don't fool me.
Ann cute: Marco is dead!
Marco Mist: That's my point
Marco Mist: I miss you so much ann
Marco Mist: sooo much
Ann cute: this is not funny
Ann cute: who's this? jordan? mike?
Ann cute: don't play with me!
Ann cute: :P
Marco Mist: It's me!
Marco Mist: you want me to turn on my webcam?
Ann cute: sure!

Marco turned on his webcam

An n cute: O
Ann cute: M
Ann cute: G
Marco Mist: can you see me?
Ann cute: imposible!
Ann cute: you were hit by a truck! i saw what happend!
Marco Mist: ...
Ann cute: so you're not dead?
Marco Mist: i am dead
Ann cute: wtf?!?!
Ann cute: can you make it clear?
Marco Mist: i returned for you
Marco Mist: i still love you ann
Ann cute: marco, i already have a boyfriend now
Ann cute: its noel

Afte r that, Marco stopped replying and his webcam was paused.

But Marco still hasn't signed out.

Ann didn't close Marco's webcam just in case Marco broadcasts again.


Ann buzzed 2 times

Still no reply

All of a sudden Marco's webcam was on again

It showed Marco, his head was open, bleeding, his whole body full of cuts and open wounds.

Marco looked the et same way he did when he was hit by a truck.

Ann froze in shock

All of a sudden Marco replied

Marco Mist: so you don't love me anymore?

Marco signed out

Ann's computer turned off by itself

Ann's phone rang

Ann: Hello?
Jordan: Ann, bad news.
Ann: What bad news?
Jordan: It's Noel.
Ann: What happend to him?!
Jordan: I'm sorry but... He was hit by a truck.
Ann: (cries)
Jordan: Hello? Ann?
Ann: He was hit by a truck? (crying)
Jordan: He's at ********'s emergency room right now.
Ann: I'm on my way.
Jordan: Ok.

Ann went to ******** Hospital.

Jordan led her to Noel's hospital room.

**the hospital name has been censored for privacy**

Jordan: I'll be right outside.
Ann: Yah. Thanks.

Jordan left Ann with Noel.

Ann : Noel, don't leave me like Marco did (crying).

Ann hears footsteps from outside.

She turns around.

To her shock, she sees Marco standing there by the door.

Ann screamed.

Ann lost her consciousness.
When Ann woke up, she was lying down on a hospital bed.

Ann: What happened?
Jordan: You fainted.
Ann: Wow.
Jordan: We thought something bad has happened to you.
Ann: Yeah. But, I think I'm ready to go home now.
Jordan: Ok, I'll call the doctor.

Jordan leaves.

Bloody Marco appears in front of Ann.

Marco: Happy now?
Ann: What do you want Maro?!
Marco: If you can't love me, you can't love other man too!
Ann: Marco you're already dead!
Marco: And so is Noel!
Ann: Leave us alone!
Marco: (laughs)

Marco disappeared and Ann started laughing like crazy.

When Jordan returned with the doctor, they were both shocked to see Ann, laughing, trying to hurt everyone she sees.

Since then, Ann has lost her mind and got checked in a mental hospital.

Ann has never stopped laughing ever since.
Marco has never forgiven Ann for finding a new guy.

And Marco has promised that anyone who finds out about his story will suffer the same fate as Ann...

...unless they pass the curse on to other people with the title YM SCANDAL

Scary huh? Have you ever experienced these kind of stories? You don't want to? Everyone else doesn't I think. Have a nice webcam chat with a stranger! ;)

Advertlets.com: PITA

You've noticed my blog was redirecting to a placeholder page. Why? because the Advertlets.com domain expired. Yes you're right, it expired. Take a look:


What the?!?! An advertising company domain name expired?! Can you believe that?!?!

Because of that, I lost my precious traffic. *sigh*. I wished I didn't signed-up on that stupid site. Really, I'm pissed, writing this and knowing my readers can't access my blog. So frustrating, so stupid. 1 mistake, yea 1 mistake, surely will be deep as hell for them. All my advertlets.com ad codes are now gone, but still, it's redirecting.. I don't know what happens to my blog now, I've just started. And started disapointed.

Win an iPhone!

This is the first time I've joined blog contests, why? Maybe because I want an iPhone! I mean, a student like me and with a financial status like me, can't even afford my own Cellphone, my cellphone was just been given to me by my father Nokia 6020.

Lara shares the money that she made with her websites through a contest which you will win an iPhone of course. She's so generous isn't she? ;) Now, you may ask "Hey! I wanna win too! How can I join the contest?" Actually, there's 3 simple steps on how to earn tickets for the contest. Here's how:

1. You can leave a comment on her post about "25 steps to Make Money on Facebook". "Facebook?" Yes, Facebook the Social Networking site. (You will get one [1] entry ticket)

2. Subscribe to her RSS Feed via email. (You will get one [1] entry ticket)

3. The last but not the least, write a blog post about her contest (Just like what you're reading now) and once finished, send her an email informing her about your blog post. You can email her at lara.saad[at]yahoo.com. (You will get three [3] entry tickets)

To sum that, you will get five (5) entry tickets all-in-all. Woohoo! I'm excited, I just maximized my chances of winning my dream iPhone! Now get those hands typin'! Hurry up! Deadline is on January 10, 2008. You might win the iPhone! Goodluck!

Review: Advertlets.com


As I was surfing blogs yesterday, I saw this ad about earning money on you blog. Clicked it, and saw its website. Sounds promising, so I registered and placed my own ad on my blog also (hoping i could earn too, heh).

Now, let's talk about the users of the site. I was crawling around their site trying to find people on the network, there's a lot of members on this site, most of them are Singaporeans and Malaysians. Why did they sign up? Simple, just take a look on their benefits. Users like Advertlets.com because you can use their tools instantly to enhance your blog/website and make money from that. I've just started my blog and then I used their widgets right after I registered.

It says on the site that it gives SGD 8800 (Singapore Dollars) for 300 serious bloggers! Wow, I'm serious too, can I have a share? Actually, I don't know. I'm a Filipino and the site says "Singaporeans! Sign up, review us and earn!" What I think is, they should not limit it to Singaporeans only, many are willing to review their site outside Singapore, give those bloggers a chance.

Compared to other blogging network sites, Advertlets.com lets you use their tools/widgets instantly after registration, which is good specially for those who just started their blog and not wait for 3months or wait for your blog to have PR3 or something, Just 3 easy steps, Sign up, Configure and Publish! That's it!

Lastly, my suggestions. I noticed they mentioned "Asia's Better Blog Advertising Network" on their header. I'm from Asia too, I might be the first Filipino who signed up/reviewed their site but I felt I'm not welcomed because they're just mentioning Singaporeans and Malaysians, I mean they aren't just the one who's in Asia, there are several countries also. I know it's on Beta, but for advertising purposes, I think they should broad their words more, so they can make their network more wider.

Review: Full Speed

"What is Full Speed?" You may ask, well it is a Internet utility speed boosting software for all high speed DSL Internet service. I know most of you reading this already knows about Surf Boosters but I've never seen anything like this one. I've tried other softwares, tutorials about boosting surfing speed but never satisfied 'till now.


Full Speed optimizes your machine and boosts it's online performance. Some will say, "Nah, it never works" but hey! I've tried it myself and I am satisfied! It will show you how fast your internet loads a browser on its Speed Test, and you can also compare results after you apply Full Speed. You might say "The software is just fooling me 'coz it tests speed within the software", I you say try the url on your browser and delete your browsers' cache and test it again. You'll be amazed ;)

This software was tested in the Softpedia labs on: 10 August 2006 by Alex Frigioiu and was certified 100% Clean.


The last things I did in 2007

Goodbye 2007 :( Hello 2008! :D

The year of the New Season! That's our church theme for this year (WLCM Davao). Hmmm, why did I mention church? Because the last things I did was with my family and together with some of our church mates at our house. We ate and ate 'till it was dawn.. heh. Here's our food:

Mmmmm, did you see the turkey?

Palabok... Mmmmmm.

Jelo? Well, that's what they call it. Heh.

After we ate our dinner, me and the young ones (of course I'm one of them hihi.) went road trippin' with our '71 Volkswagen beetle! woohoo!

And we ended 2007 with prayers and started 2008 with shouts and praises to the King of kings! and the Lord of lords! That was cool.. :)