What's Your Haircut Style?

I'm not that conscious regarding my haircut. I like my hairstyle now. Less management.. :) What's your hairstyle?

Recovery After Break Ups

Writers Gone Strike

I am enjoying TV shows that I really like, then suddenly there's no continuation for that episode, why? Because writers have gone strike! I don't really know why they are on strike, but how about us viewers? Should we just wait and wait?

I hope this strike ends soon, because my favorite TV shows are very interesting now.. :D

It's in the cards

I just play cards for fun, mostly I play cards for magic and solitaire. Do you play cards?

In The News

News now are somehow unreal or confusing right? I don't know. I just don't understand the news today. Most of it are BAD news. Seems like people are enjoying BAD news than the good ones.

I Think I Need a Vacation

Whew, after 7 years of schooling, I think I need a vacation. Just to loosen up things a bit, enjoy things more with no worries. I don't know, I just need a break.