Fuel goes up again!

Gas Prices are all UP now! And my mom said, 50% of all the oils in the earth is already consumed, in 30 years time there will be no more gas left. Shocking eh? But that's the world goes.

I remember way back when I was elementary, diesel is like P7.00/litter, and now? P45/litter. Woah, that is outrageous. It's so hard to live right now. tsk tsk.

Who am I with wines?

I Love Burger and Fries

I really love Burger and Fries, especially when it's hot.. just cooked.. whew.. mmm :)

Philippine Politics

I don't understand Philippine's politics anymore, I don't know who is saying the truth. Do you? I mean, Haven't you noticed? We're on the top 10 most corrupt country in Asia! Woah, that's something dude.

Do we (Filipinos) have to suffer like this everytime there's a new president sitting? Oh com'on, there must be someone out there who will not do such things. I'm sure there is. And when that happens, Philippines will be a better place.